by Mats Mats

Kilslidventil, Gate valve zGAT Fig. 019

Gate valve zGAT Fig. 019

Material: Grey cast iron, nodular cast iron
Nominal pressure: 10 bar
Nominal diameter: 400-1400 mm
Temperature range: -10…+120°C
Working position: Vertical.

length of construction according to PN EN 558-1 FTF N.14
flanges with faying surfaces (type B) are drilled according to PN EN 1092-2:
– for gate valves DN 700 – 1000 are drilled on PN 10
– for gate valves DN 1200 – 1400 are drilled on PN 2,5
wheel for hand operation can be assembled directly on gate valve or on stanchion (execution for stanchion) depending on building place of gate valve