by Mats Mats

Stainless Steel on/off Angle valves

Angle Valves
Respected manufacturer of valves, eductors and ejectors, Northvale Korting, has expanded its range of angle valves – 2-way pneumatically actuated valves designed and manufactured to be ideal for a number of applications, some of which may call for the control of aggressive media.

Method of Operation
Sometimes referred to as air-operated angleseat valves or externally operated valves, angle seat valves are operated by a pressurised pilot medium, often air.
The valve features a pneumatic actuator. The pilot medium flows into the actuator cylinder under pressure and causes the piston to act so that the seat seal opens or closes permitting or prohibiting flow.

Angle Valve Applications
Typical applications include: Air drying equipment, Autoclaves, Bottling equipment, Cooling, Dispensing equipment,Dye mixing
Gas, Ink mixing, Liquids, Paint mixing, Pollution management, Pre-heating, Process control, Steam distribution,Sterilisers
Textile equipment, And so on