by Mats Mats

Minimatic reglerventil Electric Valves

Electric Valves
On/Off and Modulating Control
To meet the growing demand for electrically operated valves Northvale introduced a range-of lightweight, high output, linear electric actuators to fit all sizes of MINIMATIC valves.
Available in 2 way and 3 way body styles with soft seats for on/off and profiled stainless steel trim for modulating control.

Actuator Options
Actuators can be selected to suit different supply conditions and functions:
(a) On/Off valves – 24 and 220/240 volt ac
(b) Modulating valves – 24 volt ac only.
Standard actuators will remain “Stay Put” in their last position in the event of a power supply failure, for both 24 volt and 220/240 volt svstems. Spring return actuators are available for 24 volt supply systems only and can be arranged to fail open or closed in the event of a power supply failure.

Control Signals
Modulating valves can be controlled by input signals either 0-10 volt dc or 4-20mA by simply selecting the appropriate connections on the terminal strip within the enclosure. Valves can be easily changed from one system to the other without the need to return them to the factory.