by Mats Mats

Kontinuerlig avsaltningsventil 560 DRM-1 EN ASME/FNPT

Effi cient monitoring of the purging of salts, dirt and sludge in a steam boiler requires regular
analysis of the water in order to verify that its parameters are within the ideal levels
af salinity and alkalinity demanded by law.
All the Continuous desalting valve (Mod. 560 and 560-A) are provided with taps for obtaining
samples. As the water is extracted continuously 30 ÷ 50 mm. below the minimum level,
the collection level is ideal and does not interfere with the control and level regulation devices.

Direct sampling is incorrect:

.Losses by expansion increase the density of the water and falsify results.
.There is an obvious physical risk involved.
The basic premise for conducting analyses correctly is to bring the samples from the tap of the Continuous
desalting valve to the Samples water-cooled DRM-1, and bring them down to between 24 ÷ 26°C.