G.S.71 Manual long body gate valves 900-1500

The answer to problems of: corrosion, abrasion, clogging, contamination, vacuum & gas handling
The most common and traditional type. The valves are large to accommodate the yoke and stem mechanism, but fully open the full bore design provides an uninterrupted flow path.
Generally either used fully open or closed, for on/off isolation, and not used for modulating flow control duties.
Variants include Solid and Flexible Wedge Gates, Double Disc Gates, Through Conduit Valves, Parallel Slide Valves and Knife Gate Valves.

• Valves with most advanced designing features provide the ultimate in dependable, economic flow control
• Surface protection for Carbon steel Valves, Chlorine free prime coat with modified alkyd resin unobjectionable in physiological and toxicological respects. Additional external coating: Silver Streak aluminum paint/varnish light blue