by Mats Mats

KM 9103.X-HT DN 10–100 PN 16–160 HIGH TEMPERATURES

Ball valve: is isolating valve designed to fully open or close the service fluid flow. It is not designed to be used for throttling or regulating purposes. For temperatures up to +500 °C (for temperatures above +400 °C for non-oxidizing fluids only).
Suitable for water, steam, gas, oil, heat transfer fluids and other liquids and gases without mechanical impurities.
Approved for fluids in groups 1 (hazardous) and 2 according to 2014/68/EU.

Production range
DN 10 – DN 100, PN 16 – PN 160
NPS ½″ – NPS 4″, Class 150 – Class 900

floating ball,
full bore,
anti-static design,
stem secured against release (anti-blow-out),
stuffing box,
sealed with Graphite.

hand lever,
hand wheel with worm gear,
pneumatic actuator,
electric actuator.

Connection to piping
internal thread (KM 9101.X-HT) – G (BSPP), NPT, R (BSPT), Rp
weld end (KM 9103.X-HT) – butt or socket
flanged (KM 9108.X-HT) – EN, API, GOST