by Mats Mats


Explosions: in industrial plants, a real and destructive danger, against which it is essential to find protection. Explosion venting panels are the ideal product for the job.

There are several possible applications and situations, in industrial plants, where it is necessary to protect the structure against a very concrete risk of explosion, usually due to the nature of the products being processed. Explosion venting panels are often the ideal solution to implement a measure of safety in points where this issue is critical, since they are built to yield against pressure as it rises, and let it vent where it cannot cause damage.

An explosion venting panel has three main layers: a metal section calibrated according to the specific application, a protection base, and a PTFE holding membrane; where necessary, DonadonSDD can also supply venting panels with counterpressure support, or with an ATEX, EX II GD and EX II D certification.