by Mats Mats

Backventil Type CD/M

Type CD/M
For large bore installations we offer the Norval valve in modular form, in sizes 250 mm – 600 mm diameter.

These check valves are constructed by mounting a number of small cone diaphragm assemblies onto a centre
plate which is housed in a mild steel fabricated body. The number and size of the individual Norval cone
is determined by the flow requirements. By using one of our standard mounting plates and fabricated ends,
a permutation to meet all requirements can be achieved. If required, a hand
hole cover can be incorporated in the body.

by Mats Mats

Backventil Type CD/WF

Type CD/WF
Essentially for ‘foot valve’ applications where single flange bolting to the end of a pipe is necessary.

May also be used for bolting to the sides of tanks or bulkheads. Size range 40 mm (1.5 in) to 200 mm (8 in).

Note: Type CD/WF valve should not be used for clamping between adjacent pipe flanges. The first choice for that application should be type CD.

by Mats Mats

Backventil Type CD/F

Type CD/F
A flanged check valve incorporating the basic cone and diaphragm assembly housed in a flanged cast iron body BS 1452 grade 17 (ASTM equivalent 48 Gr.35).
Available in the size range 40 mm (1.5 in) to 200 mm (8 in) diameter with flanges to BS 4504 NP 16 or equivalent. Fabricated steel bodies are available as an option.
Diaphragms to suit application.