G.S.22 Model pinch valve

The pinch valve mod. Gs 22, consists of a cast iron or aluminium body (two pieces unit) and of a natural or synthetic rubber sleeve, suitable to

withstand passing fluids (acids – alkalines powders – cement – waste and industrial water – sludge).

Closing occurs by pressing of a compressed air operated cylinder acting on a pad which in turn squashes to full closure.

Valve’s peculiarity is lack of stuffing box and load loss.

LS microswitches can be applied to indicate valve’s position (open or closed) as opposed to other types of valves where direct input of air on sleeve does not allow it.

Rubber sleeve one-piece moulded, comprises due terminal flanges acting as coupling gasket.


G.S.21 Model pinch valve

The pinch valve mod. GS 21, consists of a cast iron or aluminium body (two pieces) and of a natural or synthetic rubber sleeve, resistant to fluid flow (acids – alkaline fluids – dusts – concrete – sewage and industrial waters – muds).
Closing is performed by pressing a screw on a buffer, which squeezes sleeve to a complete or partial closing.
This valve is special since no stuffing box and load loss appear.
One-piece printed rubber sleeve includes two terminal flanges used as coupling gaskets.


G.S.18 Model pinch valve

These valves are used for the same purposes as valves with closing control, however their design departs from the latter because the valve is fitted with a double action hydro-pneumatic cylinder for the opening and closing operations.
The valves of this model are available in the flow diameters ranging from 100 to 350 mm.


G.S.8 Model pinch valve

The model G.S.8 pinch valves (normally closed) have an automatic, double, spring closing device and correspondingly double apparatus for hand and hydropneumatic remote opening; this latter is done by simultaneous and balanced action of the pressure in the two cylinders.

By means of the device closing and opening is made easier and regulation of flow more accurate. Diameters of the G.S.8 go from 80 to 200.


G.S.7-7A Model pinch valve

Often a valve is required which under normal conditions is closed and perfectly tigh but, if necessary, it could be opened remote control: pinch valve G.S.7 meets these requirements since it features the automatic spring closing system and double control (handwheel and hydropneumatic cylinder) for the opening system.