Control Options BP

ITQ Options > BP (Battery Back Up)

– BP option ensures automatic return of the valve to a fail position
in case of power fail.
– Rechargeable battery back up – Fail Safe Function


Control Options ICM 1 / ICM 2

ITQ Options > ICM 1 (Integral Control Module) (ITQ0160~9000)
– Auto-Phase Discriminator(easy wiring for 3phases)
– Reversing electric contactor, Transformer, Phase Detector

ITQ Options > ICM 2 (Integral with LCD display) (ITQ0160~9000)
– Including the same functions as ICM1
– LCD Display


Control Options LP4 / LM4

ITQ Options> LP4 (Local Control Unit) for 1phase (ITQ0160 to ITQ9000)
– Local Control Unit for ITQ Electric Actuator (1Ph) in the field,
and user can make the actuator work as per either remote or local command.

ITQ Options> LM4 for 3phases (ITQ0160 to ITQ9000)
– Including the same functions as LP4
– Reversing Electric Contactors/Transformer for 3 phases


Control Options RPC

ITQ Options> RPC (Remote Position Controller)

– A combination of electric Positioner (4-20mA input, Proportional)
– By combination of spur gears, provide very high efficiency
and Transmitter (4-20mA continous output signal)
– Auto-Calibration provides the most convenient to the end user without complicated set in Field.
– Auto Calibration
– Reverse Operation Direction


Control Options CT

ITQ Options > CT (Current Transmitter)

– Output Signal 4-20mA DC
– Easy Zero/ Span Push Button Adjustment
– Convertible Dip Switch (4Wires to 2Wires)